The Basics of Garage Door Openers

Learn the basics of garage door openers

Once upon a time, homeowners were forced to manually open and close their garage doors every time they wanted to access them. Eventually, garage door openers were invented, and they made it easy for people to open their doors automatically with the press of a button. Since then, garage door openers have evolved and those looking to install residential garage doors near Austin now have options when it comes to garage door installation. Here are several types of garage doors that are available today.

Chain-Driven Garage Door Openers

When garage door openers were first invented, most of them used chains, similar to the chains used on bicycles, to open and close garage doors. The chains were connected to the opener itself which was positioned on the ceiling in the middle of a garage and a metal bar that either pushed the door down or pulled the door back to open it up. While some garage door openers still use chains, the biggest criticism against them is that they can be very noisy. Belt-driven and screw-driven garage door openers are less noisy, but they operate in the same way by pushing or pulling garage doors.

Jackshaft Garage Door Openers

Residential Garage Door Openers in Pflugerville, TX In recent years, companies that make garage door openers have figured out that not everyone wants to install a large opener in the middle of their garage. They have fixed this problem by creating jackshaft openers that can be mounted on the wall directly next to a garage door. The opener uses a system that includes pulleys and a torsion bar to open and close a garage door, and it is incredibly quiet when it works. It will also give homeowners the option of using their garage for overhead storage.

DC-Powered Garage Door Openers

Many of the newest garage door openers are DC-powered. These openers must be installed in the middle of a garage on the ceiling, but they offer variable speeds and soft-stop technology as well as battery backup. They are also quieter and more efficient than any other type of garage door opener and include the latest technological advances.