Is Your Garage Door Spring Broken?

Garage Door Spring Repair

Many homeowners do not know their garage door spring is breaking, or has already broken, until something goes wrong. Learn about the common symptoms of a failing garage door spring by reading this article. If your garage door spring is broken, contact Advanced Garage Door for garage door repair in Pflugerville .

Garage door installation companies oftentimes get calls from customers saying that the garage door cables are broken. This is a common indicator that the garage door springs need to be repaired or replaced. Another common sign of a broken garage door spring is hearing a loud “bang” in the garage. This noise is the sound of the spring unwinding suddenly. If there is a gap in the torsion spring or the top section of the garage door is best, these are other indicators of a broken garage door spring. If you notice the garage door falling faster than normal, call a garage repair company right away. Fixing Broken Garage Door Spring in Pflugerville, TX