Garage Door Safety Features

Garage Door Safety Features in Pflugerville, TX

You might not expect your garage door in Pflugerville to be a safety hazard, but there are actually a few ways these doors can cause injury. For this reason they typically come with a few standard safety features, such as automatic reversal and motion detection. It is important that you have your overhead garage doors inspected by a garage door specialist on a regular basis to ensure that these safety features continue to work properly. Feel free to keep reading for a closer look at garage door safety features.

Garage Door Injuries

Your garage door might not be the first aspect of your home that comes to mind when you consider safety hazards, but it actually carries a great deal of potential for injury . This is especially true if you keep your kids’ outdoor toys or sports equipment in the garage. It’s important to discourage your children from playing under an overhead garage door. While they do come with built-in safety features to keep the family protected, garage doors are not completely infallible and may malfunction. By occupying the space below your overhead garage door, you run the risk of becoming trapped under its weight.

Garage Door Safety in Pflugerville, TX Built-In Safety Features

Garage doors employ a few different types of safety features to keep the home safe. Many garage door systems feature small sensors that are placed a few inches above the ground and run an infrared beam across the plane of your garage floor. If this beam is interrupted, this means something is obstructing the pathway your door would take when it closes. In order to avoid injury, the door will refrain from closing when something breaks the beam. Garage doors also tend to come with an automatic reversal feature. If the door’s pathway is blocked as it is closing, it will automatically reverse its course.

Service and Maintenance

In order to ensure that your garage door’s safety mechanisms remain in proper working condition, you should have a professional garage door service provide regular inspections. He or she can help you maintain your garage door to ensure that these features create a safe environment.