How Garage Door Springs Work

Garage Door Springs Repair Work in Pflugerville, TX

Since working on garage doors in Austin is a job best left to the professionals, you might not be familiar with how their components operate. Modern garage doors rely on a few different elements in order to work safely and efficiently. The garage door spring is one of these elements, and it is essential to the functioning of your door. It is important to note, however, that garage door springs can also be very dangerous, so always call your professional garage door service if you need a repair or replacement. Here is a quick look at how garage door springs work.

Garage door springs have the potential to inflict injury due to the tension that they are kept under. If they snap, they can release this tension and cause serious harm; this is why only garage door professionals should work on garage door springs. The two kinds of garage door springs you might encounter are torsion and extension springs. Extension springs use safety cables to control a spring in the event that it breaks, limiting the opportunity for it to cause damage or injury. Balanced springs will allow the door to operate smoothly and quietly as well as keep other components in check.

Fixing Garage Door Spring in Pflugerville, TX