• Understanding the Benefits of Storm Proofing Your Garage Doors

    A severe storm will typically throw a wrench in the gears; it might change public transportation schedules, affect your workday, or even destroy your garage doors in Pflugerville or Austin. Your residential garage door is likely the largest entrance to your home, and a broken one can leave you vulnerable to a range of hazards. Garage doors themselves do not tend to be particularly cheap, and they can cause serious damage if they are torn from the garage. Continue on if you are interested in understanding the benefits of storm proofing your garage doors.

    Secure Your Home

    Your garage door serves a multitude of purposes all at once. It keeps the elements out of the house, protects your cars and other belongings from vandalism, and acts as a barrier between your family and those who would break into your home. When a storm destroys your garage door, all of these benefits are nullified. Wind and rain can then carry moisture into your home, setting the stage for serious mold growth and water damage. Storm proofing your garage door can help you avoid these problems and enjoy some peace of mind and reassurance.

    Storm Proof Grage Door in Pflugerville, TX Protect Your Investment

    A garage door is not like a bedroom or screen door that you can replace quickly and easily. Garage doors can be expensive, and working on them on your own can be incredibly dangerous. Storm proofing your garage door gives it the extra protection it needs to stand the test of time, even when the weather turns against you. This may save you the hassle of scrambling to replace your garage door if a severe storm comes through town and destroys your current one.

    Keep the Neighborhood Safe

    A damaged garage door isn’t just dangerous for the residents of the home; it can also be hazardous for the rest of the neighborhood. If you are experiencing severe enough weather to break your garage door, it may be capable of tossing your garage door across the street. Even if your garage door’s windows shatter, glass will be sent flying. Storm proof garage doors protect your neighbors’ properties and safety as well as your own.

  • Signs You Should Replace Your Garage Door

    If you’ve had to pay for frequent garage door repairs in the last couple of years, you might want to just opt for a new garage door installation in Austin. Your overall garage door price will seem minimal compared to the repeated costs of expensive garage door repairs. Here are some obvious signs that it is time to replace your residential garage door with a new one.

    Frequent Garage Door Repairs and Increased Noise

    New Luxury Garage Installation in Pflugerville, TX If your garage door or garage door opener need frequent repairs, it might be time to upgrade to a more modern garage door model. Rather than spend money on a garage door repair service call, labor, and parts, you can put that money towards a new garage door installation. Another sign that your garage door needs replacement is if it is making more noise that it used to when you operate it. The best garage doors available today operate almost silently, and are available at affordable garage door prices.

    Modern Garage Doors Have Better Features

    Older garage doors, particularly ones that require frequent garage door repairs, do not operate as safely or efficiently as modern garage doors. A garage door opener that is faulty or antiquated can provide significant safety risks to you and your family, and won’t provide you with the garage security that you need. Upgrading to a modern garage door means that you’ll have a much more attractive residential garage door, as well as access to newer safety features and energy-efficient insulation. Newer methods of garage door insulation ensure that air from your home’s heating or cooling system won’t escape, and your energy bills will be lower.

    Your Garage Has a New Function

    If you have recently remodeled your garage and it now serves a different purpose than storing your vehicles, you should consider upgrading your garage door. Modern garage doors are available in a variety of styles and designs. If your garage is now a gym, living space, or recreational room, your new garage door can reflect that.

  • Different Styles of Garage Doors

    Before you install a modern garage door for your Austin area home, you should investigate the different styles of garage doors that are available to you. Residential garage doors are now available in a variety of styles and designs that can complement your home’s aesthetics as well as the primary function of your garage. You can also find garage doors that increase garage security, have amazing safety features, and improve your home’s energy-efficiency.

    Traditional garage doors are very utilitarian and plain, and will work for almost any home’s design, though they won’t necessarily add anything to your aesthetic. Wooden garage doors, which are often called carriage doors, are very popular for many different styles of homes. They replicate the look of old carriage house doors, and can add a unique and interesting element to your home’s design.

    Modern garage doors are the best garage door option for a home with a contemporary design. These residential garage doors emphasize clean lines and minimalistic design. They are typically crafted with tempered glass or frosted glass windows and are encased in a painted aluminum frame. Metal Garage Door in Pflugerville, TX

  • Comparing Different Types of Garage Door Openers

    If your garage door opener in Austin is broken, you might be interested in exploring your options for a new garage door opener. Your garage door repair should include garage door opener installation, and you can use this opportunity to choose the best type of garage door opener for your needs. Here is a comparison of some of the most common types of garage door openers.

    Screw Drive Garage Door Openers

    Screw drive garage door openers operate via a trolley system that rides on a threaded steel rod. This rod rotates using a motor, which causes your garage door to open. This type of garage door opener does not utilize the push and pull force of the more traditional chain or belt operated garage door openers. Because screw drive garage door openers have fewer moving parts to maintain, the typically require less garage door repair. They operate best on residential garage doors in temperate parts of the country, as they are sensitive to cold. Their garage door prices are also often more expensive than other options.

    Garage Door Openers by Advanced Garage Door Chain Drive Garage Door Openers

    Chain drive garage door openers are the most common option for residential garage doors. These openers run the garage door along a track, relying on a chain to push the trolley, which is connected to a device called a J-arm that maneuvers the garage door. These garage door openers tend to be noisy, so they are best for detached residential garage doors. Modern garage doors that operate via a chain drive opener are much quieter than older models. Many people consider this the best garage door for garage security, as the noise alerts them that someone is entering their garage.

    Belt Drive Garage Door Openers

    Belt drive garage door openers might have the highest garage door prices, but they are also considered the sleekest and most luxurious option. They use the same mechanism as a chain drive opener, but operate with a belt rather than a chain. This makes them less noisy. The belts are made from rubber, fiberglass, or polyurethane

  • Insulating Your Garage Door

    Over time, your residential garage door in Austin will require new insulation. Modern garage doors have very effective insulation that prevents the air from your home’s heating and cooling systems from escaping, and prevents outside air from affecting your indoor temperatures. This insulation helps you keep your energy bills lower and your home more comfortable.

    You can make sure your garage remains energy efficient by hiring someone to perform necessary garage door repairs, such as replacing the garage door insulation. If you live in an area that is subject to extreme temperatures, it’s particularly important that your garage be insulated. Your garage and the items inside it can become damaged over time if they are continually exposed to moisture, humidity, or extremely hot or cold air.

    If you use your garage as a living space, gym, workshop, laundry room, or recreational center, it is even more important that you have effective insulation installed. A garage door repairman can evaluate the size and purpose of your garage to determine which insulation will be most useful to you. He will then expertly install the insulation to ensure that you garage and the items inside of it are completely protected. Modern Garage installation in Pflugerville, TX

  • Is Your Garage Door Spring Broken?

    Many homeowners do not know their garage door spring is breaking, or has already broken, until something goes wrong. Learn about the common symptoms of a failing garage door spring by reading this article. If your garage door spring is broken, contact Advanced Garage Door for garage door repair in Pflugerville .

    Garage door installation companies oftentimes get calls from customers saying that the garage door cables are broken. This is a common indicator that the garage door springs need to be repaired or replaced. Another common sign of a broken garage door spring is hearing a loud “bang” in the garage. This noise is the sound of the spring unwinding suddenly. If there is a gap in the torsion spring or the top section of the garage door is best, these are other indicators of a broken garage door spring. If you notice the garage door falling faster than normal, call a garage repair company right away. Fixing Broken Garage Door Spring in Pflugerville, TX

  • Belt vs. Chain Drive Garage Door Openers

    The chain-drive garage door opener is the least expensive and most popular type of garage door opener. Belt-drive garage door openers are more expensive, but they are quieter and faster than chain-drive garage door openers. To more closely compare the differences between these two types of garage door openers, read on. And for professional garage door installation in Austin , contact Advanced Garage Door.

    Chain Drive Garage Door in Pflugerville, TX Speed

    For safety reasons, garage doors are not very fast. Modern garage doors typically raise and lower at a rate of 7 or 8 inches per second. One factor that affects the rate at which the garage door raises and lowers is the smoothness. Garage doors on chain-drive systems typically bounce slightly as they move up the rail. But belt-drive systems are smoother, so they tend to operate a bit faster.


    The strength of the garage door factors into the decision-making process for many homeowners. If you customize your garage with a heavily insulated door, a wide door, or a wooden door, a chain-drive garage door opener is the better choice. The links of the chain-drive provide the strength required to life a heavy door. Belt-drive garage door openers, on the other hand, come with steel stands that are not as reliable for operating heavier or larger doors.


    The motor and drive system in any garage door opener will generate noise and vibration. But one major difference between belt-drive and chain-drive garage door openers is noise. Chain-drive systems are noisier because these systems involve gearing and metal-to-metal contact. Belt-drive systems do not have this, so they are much quieter. Homeowners with a bedroom or other quiet room adjacent to the garage would appreciate a belt-drive garage door opener.


    Belt-drive garage door openers are generally more expensive than chain-drive systems. But with a belt-drive system, you get a smoother, quieter, and more durable operation. Many homeowners find that the extra expense is worth it, provided that the belt-drive system is able to lift the door.

  • Dealing with a Noisy Garage Door

    No matter what type of garage door opener you have, it is likely to generate more noise over time. The same is true of the garage door itself. Fortunately, there’s an easy way to take care of this issue. Watch this video clip to find out how to lessen the noise made by a garage door. And if you need professional garage repair in Pflugerville to take care of the noise or vibration, contact Advanced Garage Door.

    First, call a garage door installation company and have your garage doors insulated, if you haven’t already. This reduces vibrations, which helps with noise. The garage door experts can also lubricate the door, spring, and wheels to make the door run smoother and quieter.

  • Garage Door Springs 101 [INFOGRAPHIC]

    If you’re like many homeowners, chances are you don’t pay much attention to your garage door as long as it’s working. However, if your garage door breaks, you may wish that you had invested time and energy into routine maintenance. There are two basic types of garage door springs: extension and torsion. Torsion springs are an ideal option for many residential garage doors near Pflugerville and Austin, as they can handle heavy loads and tend to last for about 20,000 open and close cycles. Check out this infographic to learn more about garage door springs and what could cause them to need repair. Please feel free to share this information with your friends and neighbors!

    Garage Door Springs by Advanced Garage Door

  • What to Know Before You Buy a Garage Door Opener

    Buying a new garage door opener near Pflugerville is not as straightforward as you might imagine. There are many different options, each offering advantages and drawbacks of their own. To learn more about what you should know before you buy a garage door opener, contact Advanced Garage Door today.

    Garage Door Opener in Pflugerville, TX Drive Type

    There are three different types of drive on modern garage doors . Chain-drive operators are the oldest type; they are popular and a good value. Unfortunately, chain-drive operators can be noisy, so they are probably not a good choice if the garage is located beneath a bedroom, or next to a room that you would like to keep quiet. Belt-drive openers have the same construction as chain-drive operators, but they operate with a rubber belt instead of a chain. They are the quietest type of drive, but tend to cost a bit more than chain-drive operators. In between these two options, in terms of cost and noise, are screw-drive openers. They have very few moving parts and require only minimal maintenance.

    Size and Power

    Most standard garage doors are 7-feet tall. Garage door openers typically fit doors that are up to 6 inches taller than that, but taller doors will need an extension kit. A two-car garage door needs a 1/2-horsepower opener. Smaller motors are fine if you have a light door or a one-car garage. Carriage doors and other heavy garage doors will need a 3/4-horsepower motor. If you’re unsure of how much power you need, err on the side of more power. Battery backup is available on some models; this allows you to operate the garage door even if the power is out in your house.


    All garage door openers sold from 1993 must have a safety mechanism that stops and reverses a closing door if an object passes underneath it. For additional security against burglars, invest in a garage door opener with a rolling code. And opt for a keyless entry pad if you want to be able to open the garage door without needing the remote.