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Any door that is designed to seem like a manual door falls under the Carriage House style. Windows, ornamental embellishments, and more elaborate paneling are common features. A minor alteration may make a tremendous impact when it comes to garage doors. The use of imitation wood paint colors to give the door a better look is currently a popular trend in Carriage House doors. Each year, the Carriage House style door grows in popularity. When you stroll down your street and examine all of the garage doors, you’ll find that they all appear the same. While continuity is desirable, you may improve the appearance of your house by making minor modifications to the type of your garage door.

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What Are Carriage Style Garage Doors?

Carriage house doors go back to a simpler time, hundreds of years ago, before automobiles were ever invented. These were the doors that decorated barns and garages that held real horse-drawn carriages, as well as the horses themselves.

Because these carriage house doors were supposed to swing out, modern carriage house-style doors have the look of swinging doors, and are frequently fitted with the knobs used to open swinging doors. For optimal convenience, today’s carriage house-style doors include classic overhead operation. The many various forms of carriage house doors make them acceptable for a broad range of home designs. This sort of door is generally a fantastic fit for an older style, vintage-type home, but the many distinct styles make them appropriate for a wide range of home designs.


Should I Install Carriage Style Garage Doors?

Wooden carriage garage doors with iron hinges and other hardware were used in the past. They were hinged on the sides and swung outwards to accommodate the horse and carriage.

Carriage garage doors frequently featured detailed woodwork, such as barn-style crisscross planking, huge knobs, and beautiful window inserts. Because people no longer utilize a horse and carriage as their primary mode of transportation, carriage garage doors have undergone some much-needed modifications since their heyday.

Carriage style garage doors look great on classic and historic homes, but they also look stunning on modern and conventional residences. They appear to be in good condition.

Most homeowners now consider having a garage door that opens outward from the sides to be a tedious irritation. Nowadays, everyone is concerned with efficiency and ergonomics. Carriage-type garage doors have undergone a makeover to meet the lifestyles of today’s homeowners. You won’t need to worry about leaving enough area for the doors to swing outwards.


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At Advanced Garage Door, we are happy to be a family-owned and operated business. Since we are in our second generation of ownership, we understand what it means to put the customer first, and we have a long history of providing outstanding services to the Austin, Texas region. As an Austin garage door repair company, we strive to keep history and a sense of community alive. Providing the greatest garage door repair and installation service possible is one of our company’s fundamental beliefs. This necessitates not just offering outstanding service to consumers, but also ensuring that all aspects of our interactions are authentic. The exquisite design of traditional carriage doors is replicated on modern garage doors for efficient performance.


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