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Three Decades of Garage Door Repair Experience in the Austin Area!

Is your garage door off track? Is your opener not working properly? If you are dealing with a situation similar to one of these predicaments, then let our professional technicians at Advanced Garage Door restore your garage door! With three decades of experience in the garage door industry, we have the necessary expertise to give you confidence in our repairs and services. Our Austin garage door repair team provides the following services:

  • Door Repairs : Your garage door is one of the most important components of your house. It sets the tone for your house and can add a genuine aesthetic appeal. A broken garage door detracts from your home’s beauty, which is why we are prepared to help you restore your garage door. Our technicians can come out and fix your door for you in a timely manner.
  • Opener Repairs: One of the most frustrating situations you may encounter is having a garage door that cannot open. Sometimes your opener may be disconnected or there may be a more serious issue involving the electrical wiring. With 30 years of experience, our professionals can diagnose and restore your garage door to a proper functionality.
  • Spring Repairs: The springs on garage doors are one of the components that are likely to break most frequently. Our technicians are able to visit your home, examine the springs, and replace them with brand new springs. We can restore your garage door to working condition, allowing you to use your garage door once again.

Contact us at (512) 258-7878 to set up your estimate and to have your garage door fixed as soon as possible.

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